Rain , Rain go away…….

What’s that all about?

its been pretty nice all week, of course I was at work, and now , Saturday,  look at it, we went off on a shopping trip to buy picnic things for our up and coming camping trip, very weird buying those sorts of things when it is nearly dark, foggy and chucking it down but at the same time quite warm !!

and yes I did get some tuts when I said I wanted to take a picture of a puddle with the rain on it !! what do you find that you are taking pictures of that people think you are mad?? ever taken a picture of a puddle?

2015-06-13 17.14.07but our shopping trip was a success, we have everything we need and I even found the picnic bag in the style that I had been looking for ages for, so very happy bunny, some fab coloured plates and cups will make a fab looking camping table,(just hope the suns out for it, we went the same week last year and it was gorgeous)

so no crafting today I’m pooped but hoping to get out in the cabin tomorrow, I need to catch up on my snap book i’m a couple of months behind.

2015-03-06 12.50.47


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