Wow That Was Busy…….

A busy couple of weeks, we have been away , down to Dawlish in Devon, a week camping, it was lovely, sun, sea, sand, with a little (only a little) bit of rain.

here are all the happy campers.


Here is our camp for the week, half way up the side of a hill with a view over the rest of the camp site, it was lovely (apart from the dogs barking)

lovely to sit out and soak up all the sun, that’s the life, if only !!!


We we did all the usual campy things, sea, sand, walking, lots of walking, eating, shopping, playing, photos etc etc.

PHEWWW need s holiday to get over the holiday now!!

and here is my fave pic from the week, just love it, and love them, think they really enjoyed their camping trip, well they didn’t want to come home so I am taking it they enjoyed it, and they slept really well, in fact Amee wants a tent in the garden cause she said they slept better in the tent than at home lol


so when we got home, there was a surprise, a BIG surprise and then straight back out into the garden, I will show more pics later.


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