What a Gorgeous Day

Wow today the weather was back to gorgeous summer weather, it really cheered me up and I got a bit done too, some washing, some HW, crafty bits and some garden bits too (I will show the garden bits separately as I have picture to show about that too)

my crafty space is down the garden, my fab craft cabin, full to bursting with all my scrapping stash and also my quilting stash, (not long before I will be needing an extension…SSSsshhhhh)2015-08-02 12.34.05-1

off down the garden I went and within 5 minutes of opening this happens…..Lola was in, she loves this place, so my companion in……music on, a bit of QUEEN and some MEATLOAF,

sure the neighbours loved my singing……….NOT !!

2015-08-02 20.53.08

now I really must catch up with my simple stories monthly album, today I started APRIL,

I know we are now in AUGUST……….I will catch up…..I WILL !!

so with a break to go off and buy a picnic bench for the garden,

then back to it, these are todays offerings……

2015-08-02 20.51.18

2015-08-02 20.51.08

2015-08-02 20.50.57

2015-08-02 20.51.27

doesn’t look much but there were many interruptions,

then it was time to come in……Lola was still in the same position she had been in all day and was not happy when I carried her out, if looks could kill !!


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