Festival of quilts………….

What a fab day, must have walked a few miles, pity Polly forgot her pedometer, we are members of the FB group uk quilters and they had all decided to wear red white and blue ribbons to recognise each other so we could say hi, Polly and I decided to go a little further with it and bought cowboy hats lol,

well it did the trick and we had plenty of people stopping us to say hi, and lots of comments all day asking what the hats were for, and very handy for waving in the air when you have lost Polly’s mum and daughter lol

2015-08-08 08.56.34

don’t we look a right pair lol this is us setting off for the NEC, with Rebecca and a photo bomb !!

Oh My Word, with 1800 quilts on display we had no chance in seeing them all and managing some shopping but the quilts we did get to look at were amazing, A MAZ ING,  the time that had gone into those quilts, and the patience for that matter!! I take my hat off to them….ha ha….no I really do.

 people keep telling me I should enter something….maybe ….one day!

we did manage a bit of shopping and here is my little haul , doesn’t look that much for the money spent lol

2015-08-08 22.07.34-1

anyway it will keep me busy for a while.

next year we have decided to make a weekend of it so we can see all the quilts, shop at our leisure and maybe include a workshop or two.


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