Dalby Crafters Weekend

We had a great weekend with the Dalby Crafters, lots of laughter with a little bit of crafting on Saturday then we went out for a meal with those stopping over for the night in the village, we had a lovely meal at the brewery and then went to the newly re opened crown for a drink, fab evening


Then it was back to the hall for more crafting on Sunday …..but all did not go to plan, the first sign of something wrong was the cry from the kitchen….”Lorna there’s water”……… “LORNA THERE’S LOTS OF WATER” I have never seen so much water arrive so quickly, so that put a stop to the crafting as water and electric don’t mix, the power was turned off and the mopping began……..so we spent the rest of the afternoon  with no power and no water, those that could craft without sewing  machines carried on sitting by the windows for light lol

i did manage a finish and an almost finish, I finished the Christmas stocking and (with 5 minutes at home) finished the little bag


imageI have to say a memorable but fab weekend, thanks ladies.


A Bit Productive!

After a busy weekend, what with setting up for Dalby Day, Works BBQ then Dalby Day itself, I then had the week off for some me time……..and some time spent in the cabin down the garden, the weather held out with a few showers but still warm enough to have the door open, and have all that fresh air, aaahhhh lovely, and I was quite productive too……..

  2015-09-06 14.50.29

plenty of sewing going on and then I had a play with some paper, paint and glue, got quite messy but love what I came up with, still need to add a bit of gloss but very happy with the result.

2015-09-10 20.07.24

2015-09-10 20.07.12

might add a little more colour mmmmm not sure if I should just stop there!!

its the Dalby Crafters, crafty weekend this weekend, so more time to play, I have my BOM, block of the month to do to keep up with that and a new frivol tin quilt, part 1 of a 12 part set, cant wait to see the fabrics we will be playing with.

I am really enjoying the BOM’s and monthly projects, I don’t feel so under pressure to produce things, I do a block or two and I am up to date so don’t feel guilty about going onto something else, great idea !!

First Day at School

For Mia, she has been waiting for this for months,  and it was all smiles before she went in…….

2015-09-01 09.08.59

2015-09-01 09.10.22

I wonder how she got on all day…….

well she was still smiling when she came out but was not wanting to have her photo taken,

probably tired after her full day

2015-09-01 15.27.10

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