Snow gone…..Spring ?

The snow is melting nicely, can we do Spring now please? I am so eager to get out in the garden.

I haven’t done much in the garden in the last few years, with having the chickens, every time I planted anything they would just eat it, my strawberries, pansies, clamatis, all of it! But we recently lost all our chickens and the boys (two runner ducks) although the I miss having them I’ve decided not to replace them and have a garden for a change. I am so eager to get out there and get started that the BEAST FROM THE EAST has put that on hold, well outside anyway but I can always start inside right! So I have, I have turned the dining room into a green house lol, so much nicer to be potting and sewing seeds in the warm of the house but I am running out of room to sew any more seeds so I need it to warm up to get some back outside!

imageI am waiting for pansies , lobelia and tomatoes to show there faces, but my sweat peas have decided to show themselves yay, love to see things growing, I have a picture in my head of how I want it to look but I’m sure it will be something different lolimage

So…..looking forward to spending time outside in the fresh air and working on my little plan to make it look pretty… this space.




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