So, I have  plans for my garden this year, clearing after the devastation of keeping chickens and ducks for a few years, but with them all gone I can at last have a nice garden with flowers and things that don’t get eaten when A stray chuck gets out and has a good old munch, but as always things change all of a sudden……….we signed up for a allotment, fab I have always wanted one and now we have one, garden still going to happen but we need to get the allotment sorted first, shouldn’t take too long, it’s in pretty good shape…..if you look below the surface lol, no it is really, it has been well loved for many years but sadly its owner died last year and we have taken it on.

some before and after pictures of “lottie” after 6 hours work Saturday and Sunday we can see it all coming together, if it wasn’t for that massive amount of water falling from the skies we would have been a lot further but never mind, really excited to get some planting done when it dries a bit more lol

onions, garlic and potatoes sprouts, cabbages all waiting to go in, lots of seeds have been sewn, leeks, corn on the cob, spring onions .

blackberry bushes , goosegogs, waiting to be planted, already in (we inherited) strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb.

well I said I wanted to spend more time outside in the sunshine and this is a sure way of making that happen, can’t wait for spring to hit properly.

Look at this fab rhubarb going to be good.image


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