Bbbrrrr it’s cold out there!

In fact it’s cold in here too, can’t wait for this week to be over and Spring to begin so I can get outside in the garden, lots of plans for outside this spring and I want to get on with it, I’ve turned my dining room into a green house so I can get some seeds going while I wait .

so I’m sitting shivering under my newly finished crochet blanket looking at a vase of roses, that will have to keep me going for now.





First Day at School

For Mia, she has been waiting for this for months,  and it was all smiles before she went in…….

2015-09-01 09.08.59

2015-09-01 09.10.22

I wonder how she got on all day…….

well she was still smiling when she came out but was not wanting to have her photo taken,

probably tired after her full day

2015-09-01 15.27.10

New Garden!!

So how do you get from a mess like this, or more to the point how do you get INTO a mess like this lol, well you have a shed, you abandon said shed, you then leave it till it implodes , you then decide to get rid of said shed….with a chain saw, mmmmmm so you chop it in half with a chain saw and then decide that is not going to work….in the end you have to get a a skip and remove said shed bit by bit…………..

2015-07-04 19.31.25

and then you can turn it into this………with a bit of turf

2015-08-02 18.04.26

still have to paint the shed and relay the brick patio, out of shot the hole in the bike shed needs covering and the side of the bike shed repairing but I am very happy with my new space outside the cabin, so next year it should all be done and lovely, easier to pretty up a little space than a big one !!

2015-08-15 11.00.09

Bob pretending to be a plant so I don’t notice he is in the forbidden garden, (he can still climb through the fence….. not for much longer !!!

2015-08-15 11.00.28

loving this space and cant wait to pretty it up a bit

Together day

Thursday was works together day, a day to bring our 3 sites together and to get to know each other, so we had photos, this is us practicing our dept group photo, I will show the official one later when I get it, great fun messing around with this.

11855342_10153438707626488_65353132_nwe had cake, so an evening of baking joined all the other bakers creations to go along with the coffee.2015-08-13 06.15.31

2015-08-13 09.57.28

we then had fish and chips served to us for lunch…..they were good !!!

2015-08-13 12.37.51

It’s your Birthday

Mia’s 4th Birthday party

4 years old, where does the time go?

with a lovely party to celebrate, the weather held out and  was lovely, so lots of face painting, bouncy castle, party games  food and birthday cake

2015-08-09 15.18.50I even had a go with the facepainting

2015-08-09 15.53.39

2015-08-09 15.24.17


Wow That Was Busy…….

A busy couple of weeks, we have been away , down to Dawlish in Devon, a week camping, it was lovely, sun, sea, sand, with a little (only a little) bit of rain.

here are all the happy campers.


Here is our camp for the week, half way up the side of a hill with a view over the rest of the camp site, it was lovely (apart from the dogs barking)

lovely to sit out and soak up all the sun, that’s the life, if only !!!


We we did all the usual campy things, sea, sand, walking, lots of walking, eating, shopping, playing, photos etc etc.

PHEWWW need s holiday to get over the holiday now!!

and here is my fave pic from the week, just love it, and love them, think they really enjoyed their camping trip, well they didn’t want to come home so I am taking it they enjoyed it, and they slept really well, in fact Amee wants a tent in the garden cause she said they slept better in the tent than at home lol


so when we got home, there was a surprise, a BIG surprise and then straight back out into the garden, I will show more pics later.

Hold on a Minute…….

 is that summer I see out of the window?

WOOHOO look at that it’s beautiful !!

it warms the cockles, improves the mood, makes me sigh, isn’t it just the best, and it makes such beautiful things like this


But on the day when they say we are going to get to 30degrees where am I ??? At work of course !

but hey I have a window to look out now so am luckier than some !!

so what have I been up to recently….well not a lot, I spent the weekend with the Pollster (my mate polly and her family) had a fab weekend as always ,we intended on working on the Dear Jane quilts but that didn’t happen, after all the galavanting going on on Saturday I didn’t even manage to turn the sewing machine on but we did both work on our EPP’s so that’s coming on, no idea what it is going to be yet just keeping going to see how big it gets and then decide what to turn it into then.


This coming weekend, well looks like it could be an in the garden weekend getting rid on an old shed and clearing rubbish, with a bit of remodelling we will be set for some BBQ days, yummy.

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