A Bit Productive!

After a busy weekend, what with setting up for Dalby Day, Works BBQ then Dalby Day itself, I then had the week off for some me time……..and some time spent in the cabin down the garden, the weather held out with a few showers but still warm enough to have the door open, and have all that fresh air, aaahhhh lovely, and I was quite productive too……..

  2015-09-06 14.50.29

plenty of sewing going on and then I had a play with some paper, paint and glue, got quite messy but love what I came up with, still need to add a bit of gloss but very happy with the result.

2015-09-10 20.07.24

2015-09-10 20.07.12

might add a little more colour mmmmm not sure if I should just stop there!!

its the Dalby Crafters, crafty weekend this weekend, so more time to play, I have my BOM, block of the month to do to keep up with that and a new frivol tin quilt, part 1 of a 12 part set, cant wait to see the fabrics we will be playing with.

I am really enjoying the BOM’s and monthly projects, I don’t feel so under pressure to produce things, I do a block or two and I am up to date so don’t feel guilty about going onto something else, great idea !!


Back in Time………….scrapbook

I have been neglecting my scrapbooking lately, well I have been neglecting all of my crafting lately to be quite truthful, not for any one reason, just too busy with life and busy with work but today I managed to have the day off and retreat into my cabin, I was going to carry on with my snap book but I seam to be missing some photos , sure I had them printed but couldn’t find them, maybe I didn’t !! wouldn’t be surprised lol

so instead I did a 12×12 layout I had wanted to do for a while, the pic is of us girls from work when we dressed up steampunk style, we had great fun

the colours are a bit muted in this picture,it is brighter IRL.

2015-08-04 17.24.03-2

2015-08-04 17.24.52

2015-08-04 17.24.41

What a Gorgeous Day

Wow today the weather was back to gorgeous summer weather, it really cheered me up and I got a bit done too, some washing, some HW, crafty bits and some garden bits too (I will show the garden bits separately as I have picture to show about that too)

my crafty space is down the garden, my fab craft cabin, full to bursting with all my scrapping stash and also my quilting stash, (not long before I will be needing an extension…SSSsshhhhh)2015-08-02 12.34.05-1

off down the garden I went and within 5 minutes of opening this happens…..Lola was in, she loves this place, so my companion in……music on, a bit of QUEEN and some MEATLOAF,

sure the neighbours loved my singing……….NOT !!

2015-08-02 20.53.08

now I really must catch up with my simple stories monthly album, today I started APRIL,

I know we are now in AUGUST……….I will catch up…..I WILL !!

so with a break to go off and buy a picnic bench for the garden,

then back to it, these are todays offerings……

2015-08-02 20.51.18

2015-08-02 20.51.08

2015-08-02 20.50.57

2015-08-02 20.51.27

doesn’t look much but there were many interruptions,

then it was time to come in……Lola was still in the same position she had been in all day and was not happy when I carried her out, if looks could kill !!



Well what a week!

i have had two deliveries of stash this week, first was just a little one from hey little magpie, the second was a stampinup delivery, with the release of the new catalogue the first order is always a bit big,


but never mind, like I have said before I am collecting for my retirement!


Cant wait to play with my new goodies, I have only managed to get into the cabin once this week and that was just now prepping for a class I have tomorrow! We shall see what next week brings , I would like to work some more on my simple stories monthly book before we go on holiday in three weeks and get it up to date, I need to order some more photos so we shall see.

i am also waiting on a delivery of a BOM (block of the month) the first two blocks from a quilt Polly and I are starting as soon as it arrives, hoping it will arrive by Friday (but coming from US) cause I am off to Polly’s for the weekend YAAAAAYYYYY

also this week myself and two DD’s went off for a girly day having our hair done……..disaster, two perms and one hair cut later we have to have the perms redone…..cause neither of them took !!! So it’s back for round two on Thursday, we shall see !

Playing with paper

At last I have found some time to try and catch up on my “Remember 2015” album,

I have now finished March, so I am still a bit behind but determined to catch up very soon, I have learned that my memory is getting worse, lots off ummmms and when was that going on, although I have been making notes…..we’ll sort of…..well not very good ones lol I think I need to do better with the note writing, dates, where and why , always important details lol

and for once I didn’t make too much mess, quite a tidy crafting session.



Just a couple if the pages I have finished today


Rain , Rain go away…….

What’s that all about?

its been pretty nice all week, of course I was at work, and now , Saturday,  look at it, we went off on a shopping trip to buy picnic things for our up and coming camping trip, very weird buying those sorts of things when it is nearly dark, foggy and chucking it down but at the same time quite warm !!

and yes I did get some tuts when I said I wanted to take a picture of a puddle with the rain on it !! what do you find that you are taking pictures of that people think you are mad?? ever taken a picture of a puddle?

2015-06-13 17.14.07but our shopping trip was a success, we have everything we need and I even found the picnic bag in the style that I had been looking for ages for, so very happy bunny, some fab coloured plates and cups will make a fab looking camping table,(just hope the suns out for it, we went the same week last year and it was gorgeous)

so no crafting today I’m pooped but hoping to get out in the cabin tomorrow, I need to catch up on my snap book i’m a couple of months behind.

2015-03-06 12.50.47


And I don’t mean having a fight lol Been having trouble getting motivated with my scrapping in the past few weeks, since I found out “The scrapbook magazine”is no more…..so very sad that we have lost another magazine, is that no more scrapbook mags in the uk??? We have a mass of card making mags and now sewing mags but where has all the scrapbooking gone? This is my “Our little Princess” page that was meant to be in the next issue of the magazine……. I have found that I craft better in company, when Polly (my sewing pal) comes to stay or I go to her I can sew to my hearts content and we feed off each other and get so in the zone, and although I run a monthly craft group which is great for the sewing inspiration but not for the scrapping……..so I am a l one scrapper, I need a scrapping buddy….any takers? IMG_0037 IMG_0036-0

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