An Almost finish !!

Almost as in I need to find a couple of buttons in my cabin for her cardi and stick her eyes on, her eyes are pins, which I thought would be no good just put then there so she had eyes lol but they work very well and when I squeeze her head you don’t feel them from the back ! So might just glue them in place if I can’t find a suitable replacement !

really enjoyed making her, her hat and cardi are not from patterns just me making it up as I go along, very pleased with those and her cute little scarf



Thought I would have trouble with her hair but no, it was the easiest thing ever to attach, and she stands up on those cute little shoes all by herself, I’m in love!


Think she needs some rosey red cheeks in this weather so maybe a little makeup to sort that out.

now for a name ?!?


Being Quietly Productive !!

So what have I been up to?

well I have been making, I have also been making something else (soon to be revealed), doesn’t tell you much really does it lol but it is a secret at the minute as I work on it !!

2015-09-28 08.03.482015-09-22 08.10.422015-09-22 08.00.00

 and then I have also been booking into craft fairs, all while my sewing machine has been playing up again, only used it 3 times since it came back from being mended the last time….driving me crazy it is !!!

I have also been looking about for places to stock my goodies, I have recently found a little shop in Nottingham where you can now find some of my fabric goodies with more to follow.

Dotty Design in Chilwell, Nottingham.

2015-09-19 14.16.41

so if your out and about go and have a look and say hi to Chrissie.


Dalby Crafters Weekend

We had a great weekend with the Dalby Crafters, lots of laughter with a little bit of crafting on Saturday then we went out for a meal with those stopping over for the night in the village, we had a lovely meal at the brewery and then went to the newly re opened crown for a drink, fab evening


Then it was back to the hall for more crafting on Sunday …..but all did not go to plan, the first sign of something wrong was the cry from the kitchen….”Lorna there’s water”……… “LORNA THERE’S LOTS OF WATER” I have never seen so much water arrive so quickly, so that put a stop to the crafting as water and electric don’t mix, the power was turned off and the mopping began…… we spent the rest of the afternoon  with no power and no water, those that could craft without sewing  machines carried on sitting by the windows for light lol

i did manage a finish and an almost finish, I finished the Christmas stocking and (with 5 minutes at home) finished the little bag


imageI have to say a memorable but fab weekend, thanks ladies.

A Bit Productive!

After a busy weekend, what with setting up for Dalby Day, Works BBQ then Dalby Day itself, I then had the week off for some me time……..and some time spent in the cabin down the garden, the weather held out with a few showers but still warm enough to have the door open, and have all that fresh air, aaahhhh lovely, and I was quite productive too……..

  2015-09-06 14.50.29

plenty of sewing going on and then I had a play with some paper, paint and glue, got quite messy but love what I came up with, still need to add a bit of gloss but very happy with the result.

2015-09-10 20.07.24

2015-09-10 20.07.12

might add a little more colour mmmmm not sure if I should just stop there!!

its the Dalby Crafters, crafty weekend this weekend, so more time to play, I have my BOM, block of the month to do to keep up with that and a new frivol tin quilt, part 1 of a 12 part set, cant wait to see the fabrics we will be playing with.

I am really enjoying the BOM’s and monthly projects, I don’t feel so under pressure to produce things, I do a block or two and I am up to date so don’t feel guilty about going onto something else, great idea !!

Festival of quilts………….

What a fab day, must have walked a few miles, pity Polly forgot her pedometer, we are members of the FB group uk quilters and they had all decided to wear red white and blue ribbons to recognise each other so we could say hi, Polly and I decided to go a little further with it and bought cowboy hats lol,

well it did the trick and we had plenty of people stopping us to say hi, and lots of comments all day asking what the hats were for, and very handy for waving in the air when you have lost Polly’s mum and daughter lol

2015-08-08 08.56.34

don’t we look a right pair lol this is us setting off for the NEC, with Rebecca and a photo bomb !!

Oh My Word, with 1800 quilts on display we had no chance in seeing them all and managing some shopping but the quilts we did get to look at were amazing, A MAZ ING,  the time that had gone into those quilts, and the patience for that matter!! I take my hat off to them….ha ha….no I really do.

 people keep telling me I should enter something….maybe ….one day!

we did manage a bit of shopping and here is my little haul , doesn’t look that much for the money spent lol

2015-08-08 22.07.34-1

anyway it will keep me busy for a while.

next year we have decided to make a weekend of it so we can see all the quilts, shop at our leisure and maybe include a workshop or two.

Sewing time…

with the Pollster, always fun when Polly is here.

and we sometimes manage to get a little bit of something done, in between the laughing

2015-07-26 15.32.17this time we started a quilt we are making they are a “block of the month quilt” where we receive a package each month with the fabrics and instructions, we managed to get the first two blocks done before the second two arrive , woohoo, ready for the next which will drop through the door any day now.

I just love the colours

2015-07-26 16.09.53



So Yesterday we had the quiltathon ,

we held it in my half finished garden, I was a bit worried on Friday as it rained aaallll day but it turned out lovely and sunny so we quilted until dark only stopping to eat and drink and chat of course, lovely day, lots of laughs in between the cooking I managed my pin cushion for my exchange and one of my blocks from my BOM quilt that Polly And I joined, I love these days but why are they over so quickly, in fact the weekend is over far too quickly, can’t wait for the next one.

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